Leonardo Mozello

Vedic Astrologer

First of all, the background of my collaboration with Lucious Lyran is that I can identify myself with His experimental approach to relationships and sexual power. Since the age of 16 my spiritual path has been strongly focused on the transformation of sexual energy into the higher chakras, because this energy is potential the main attraction in the material universes, as well as on the spiritual, higher planets.

After making some tantric experiences, I parallel found to the Vedic astrology. It was in India then when I realized some of my most important previous incarnations. In a kind of trance, deja vu’s and during regressions and also by learning to read my own horoscope, it became very clear to me, that I had gone too far in my love affairs in some of my pervious lives. Like a kind of playboy I had abused and abruptly left my lovers.

Consequently my female lovers, who were souls I had left earlier brutally, left me now in my 20ties. It was an intermezzo of short but very intense romances, in which one of these girls died in a car accident, the other one got pregnant from her Ex and another one became a nun, this was finally the last wakeup call for me.

I decided to refresh my bad karma and lived for some time in different cloisters, monastery, ashramas. But this was lasting only temporary.

2010 at the latest it was clear, I had a mission in the world. A friend advised me to work in an online portal on phone, using my spiritual and astrological knowledge. After the head of the company let me appear three times on German television, this quickly generated a number of about 200 to 300 permanent clients. Most of my consultants were difficult singles, couples in a crisis (either the man or the woman contacted me) or those who had just broken up in a relationship or who had just been dumped.

I understood: By serving others to get perfectly situated in their lives and relationships (including Mr and Mrs Right control) I counter-acted or respectively ended up my own bad karma from previous births. Click BOOK NOW 


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